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Jabez Gift

Tav Digital Art (Limited Edition Metallic Print)

Regular price $380.00 SGD
Regular price Sale price $380.00 SGD

New Launch of Digital Art Metallic Print (ready to hang)
Limited Edition 15 artwork pieces only.

It comes with Certificate of Authenticity for physical Metal Artwork, serial number on every piece of artwork

Digital art piece is also available as a NFT. Please click if you are interested.

You will get 10% discount from the price of the physical Limited Edition Art Piece when you purchase the NFT of the art piece.


I saw a shield with the word Tav in the shield and two fiery swords across the shield.

Tav - the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet

He has the final say and He said that it is good. 

The battle belongs to Him. The strong energy light force is His energy.

Select your desired dimension.
Comes with 1 UV Metallic Print, Certificate of Authenticity, each artwork is serialised.